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Guldize on Bodmin Moor

The Darley Oak

Killigarth's Ghost, Talland

Lundy Hole and the Devil

John Harris gets piskey-led by Bucca on Bolenowe Carn

Encounter at Dolcoath Mine by John Harris

The Spectre Bridegroom

Allantide Customs

The Bossiney Cross Witch Bottles

The Spectral Coach

The Lost Child of St Allen

The Mermaid's Vengeance

St German's Well

St Neot, the Pigmy Saint

The Witch and the Toad

Dando and His Dogs

 The Witches of the Logan Stone

The Giants of Carn Galva

The Longstone - A Cornish Legend

The Piskies in the Cellar

Piskeys of Polperro and District

The Bells of Forrabury

Legend of the Harlyn Bay treasure

St Martin's well, Liskeard

The Black Bull of Mylor

Cornish Bird Lore: The Robin and the Wren

An Old Charm from Lawhitton

The Pirate-Wrecker and the Death Ship

The Legend of the Padstow Doombar

East Cornwall Maypole Battles

The Hound of St Blazey

Legend of Pengersick

Legend of St Keyne's Holy Well

The Lady with the Lantern

The Mermaid and the Man of Cury

The legend of St Ciarán/Piran

Witches have the power to change their shape

Lost Bodmin Folklore?

The Giant Wrath of Portreath

St Tue and the Giants (Rock hurling contest near Liskeard)

The Old Sky Woman

The Giant Bolster

The Wrecker and the Death Ship

Testimony from King Arthur's Country

The Lady of the Silver Bell

The Story of Jan Tregeagle

Trevose Head Pixies

The Ghost Layer

Anne Jefferies and the Fairies

The Fisherman and the Piskeys

How Jan Brewer was Piskey-laden