Cornish Folklore and Myth, exploring some of the locations and narratives from my book 'From Granite to Sea' (part of the Unnatural Cornwall series, curated by Dr. Amy Hale)

I am very much looking forward to presenting a Zoom talk on Sunday 4th July, featuring some of the locations featured in my Cornish folklore book 'From Granite to Sea'

Please see relevant links below and see you there!

The event is organised by The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society. The Last Tuesday Society is a 'pataphysical organisation founded by William James at Harvard in the 1870s, currently headquartered at The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & UnNatural History in London. For the last twenty years they have put on Lectures, Balls, Workshops, Masterclasses, Seances, Expeditions to Papua New Guinea & West Africa, all from their East London Museum and it's infamous cocktail bar.


Old Christmas and Wassail
January 6th 2019

Guizing and Wassailing on the harbour side, outside the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. All are welcome to this free event, celebrating some of the traditional Cornish folk-traditions of Midwinter, with Merv and Alison Davey, Alex Langstone and a host of guizers, mast-beasts and musicians.

Timings for the evening (all approximate)

7.15 pm Gather at main car park in Boscastle
7.30 pm Guize procession leaves main car park, with Raffidy Dummitz Band and friends
7.45 pm. Arrive outside the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Music and dance from assembled musicians, Boscastle Breakdown, Tros an Treys, SkootsKernow, the Hornets, Merv Davey, Raffidy Dummitz plus many others...
8 pm Wassail ceremony with Alex Langstone
8.10 pm 'Oss chooses person from assembled crowd to hang the Wassail apple on the tree
8.30 pm Serpent Dance and Cornish pipes with Merv and Alison Davey
9 pm Guize procession to Wellington Hotel for music and dance session in the hotel bar
Other things are likely to happen, as it's a time for misrule!
ALL WELCOME. For guize costume ideas and history see here: 
From Granite to Sea talks

"The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall"

June 2nd Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Library, Boscastle, see link below for a report on the talk at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic.

Photo courtesy of Peter Hewitt

July 7th Crafty Otter Cafe, Otterham Station, Camelford
August 15th Bodmin Pagan Moot, Hole in the Wall, Bodmin
August 25th. Museum of Witchcraft & Magic Library, Boscastle
September 12th, Perranzabuloe Old Cornwall Society, Memorial Hall, Perranporth

Old Christmas and Wassail
January 6th 2018

Guizing and Wassailing on the harbour side, outside the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. All are welcome to this free event, celebrating some of the traditional Cornish folk-traditions of Midwinter. The event will kick off with two free talks in The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Simon Reed will talk about Guize Traditions, and Alex Langstone will speak on Midwinter Traditions of Eastern Cornwall.

View the January 2017 event below


Lowender Peran 5th November 2017

Lien Gwerin a Gernow at the Cornish Cultural Expo, Newquay


Sunday 6th November 2016

We will be at the Lowender Peran Cultural Expo with the Cornish Folklore - Lien Gwerin a Gernow stand. Come and see us on Sunday 6th November 2016 at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay between 11am and 4pm, where you can find out  about the folklore of Cornwall. We will be in the Ballroom. Check it out here on Facebook

Previous events

Monday, 18th April 2016.  
St Columb Old Cornwall Society  

The Folklore of Cornish Holy Wells. 
Illustrated talk by Alex Langstone 
 St Columb Major bowling club 7.30pm


Nice little review of the West Country Folklore Symposium on the Museum of Witchcraft's blog here
Picture courtesy of the Museum of Witchcraft. 

 Above: Bodmin Moor Folklore Day.
Sunday, 22 June 2014

Above:  Bodmin Holy Wells walk
Sunday, 13 April 2014